The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 4 - The Process Series

January 28, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 4
Episode 4 - The Process Series
The Abundance Spectrum
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The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 4 - The Process Series
Jan 28, 2022 Season 2 Episode 4
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Episode 4 - The Flowing Presence – “Live” in The Zone 

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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Episode 4 - The Flowing Presence – “Live” in The Zone 

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 4




The Flowing Presence – “Live” in The Zone 

Being present is the key to navigating the process. So what is being present?

First let's talk about what it is not, it is well known that the past and the future do not real exist. They are simply thoughts or feelings in one's mind, a replay. Only the present is here and real, its live. 


This means, the past and the future are not the present, they are just mental constructs, things that we experience only in our minds. The analogy of a live or recorded concert helps here, at the live concert you are actively present, the music flows through you, interacting with you, the recorded concert is just a replay, no flow, no interaction. 


It’s important to note that the past or the future cannot live or operate in the present. Meaning that whether you are consciously aware of it or not, in every minute of every day, your awareness, your consciousness is operating and experiencing life in one of two modes, you are either in the live present moment, the now or in a mental state of replaying the past and or the future. 


Simply put, being present is the act of not being in your egoic mind, which is 100% focused on either the past or the future. 

That said, being present is deeper than just no egoic mind, being truly present is having both no egoic mind and allowing the free flow state of consciousness to run through you, which naturally flows freely when you enter and ground yourself in the present moment. 

We call this The Flowing Presence, being in the zone.

You've likely heard of athletes describing “being in the zone”. After a stellar performance, many athletes describe an experiencing of feeling of a powerful yet calm awareness.


In this state, they seem to have a knowing that all things are not only possible but are manifesting at their direction with incredible ease. Things slow down, they feel a silence, a stillness and a higher power energy flowing through them, delivering an incredible focus and graceful flow in the brilliant execution of their intended goals.


You don't have to be a professional athlete to experience being in the zone. Most people have experienced being present. This state is first and foremost, void of continuous future and past thought. This flowing presence is often attained in relatively simple things we humans do, a project that we enjoy, playing a musical instrument, a physical activity, playing sports, walking in nature, etc. 


Even our daily routines, your occupation, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, spending focused time with the family or pets, are all positive ways for us to experience the flowing presence.   


    we are present, even for a moment is a significant accomplishment. Through awareness, we shine our bright light of consciousness onto the egoic mind, the bad wolf, and thereby consciously moving out of the mental constructs of the past and the future, with this shift we begin to see many more moments of flowing presence.


Think of this flowing presence as a steady and strong flowing river, the river is full and present yet ever flowing. You can experience the stillness; the fullness of each present moment and still allow each one to naturally flow through you.  Anyone who's worked on staying in the flowing presence will attest, it isn’t easy to reach and sustain. 


Why is difficult to be in the flowing presence? Once again, because you have a detractor, the bad wolf who sits inside you, and everyone else, masquerading as you, whose mission is to try to stop you from reaching this state of presence and flow. Why would the bad wolf want to block humans from this flowing presence? because the bad wolf cannot operate in the present moment, it's simply impossible.  


   The bad wolf can only operate and live in the past and the future, it cannot access or touch the present moment. It’s like oil and water naturally repelling one another. So, If you're spending a lot of time in the present moment, that's a lot of time that you're not spending tuned into generating fear for the bad wolf. 


Therefore, your attempts to move into this Flowing Presence are often blocked by the egoic mind, as the bad wolf shouts “You have too many problems to be present”. Think of egoic mind as a dark train that's running in your mind, running in your head. The bad wolf express, it wants you to get on the train and ride it to wherever it's going. 


It's unsavory destination in one direction, is the future, fear-based feelings and anxiety about the unknowingness of life here on earth. The train also runs in the other direction, it's dark destination, fear and regret, regret of things you did or didn't do, said or didn't say. The egoic mind simply hijacks your consciousness and places it on a front row window seat, taking your awareness to all its various negatively vibrating destinations, none of them in the present.


Only as being the watcher, the absolute you, can you wake up to the fact the egoic mind has captured your consciousness and is touring it around through various parts of hell. Your awareness of this alone affords you the choice to get off the bad wolf’s fear train, even if you are already three or four stops down the line when your awareness finally kicks in. The absolute you, the watcher, can say hey whoa, Stop no thanks, I'll get off here! 


To get off that fear train simply bring your awareness to the present moment, to your body, your current surroundings, feeling your breath moving in and out, focus on something in nature if possible and take 3 deep mouth breaths while focusing on the breaths filling your heart space, breathing into the heart. Sometimes it's helpful to have an audible sound to inform the bad wolf you know what's happening, a firm sheeush one you might give an unruly child is powerful, “sheeush, not now! I’m busy being present”.  That’s right, absolute you is the boss! 


You’ll feel yourself slowly moving into presence, without negative thought. Then, wash, rinse and repeat, this is an ongoing process you'll need to continue to practice in each and every moment, as the bad wolf is programed to consistently drive to capture and redirect your consciousness, relentless in its attempts to drag your awareness onto this train to nowhere, the fear generation express. 


What makes this moment in time so challenging is that as the love vibration increases and the fear density is effervesced out of us humans, the insanity level of your personal experiences and simultaneously the collective, leaves no shortage of situations and experiences that have great potential to deliver you dark fear, one might say by design.  


The bad wolf is like a computer algorithm constantly running inside of you, laser focused and ruthlessly geared toward generating fear, so the minute you're not consciously present, the bad wolf will attempt to jump in and try to move you back onto its fear train. 


But a word of caution on how you choose to get off the bad wolf train. Consciously embracing the process, continually committing to your ongoing efforts to stay present, focusing on your breath, facing your fears and sheeush the bad wolf, all represent “doing the work”. It's not easy, you are literally in a spiritual battle. 


But as we speak, millions of good people are choosing to not embrace the fear, not do the work, and to get off the bad wolf train in a negative way by immersing themselves in screen time, work or an ever-expanding laundry list of other addictive actions and behaviors, all in a desperate attempt to escape the ever-flowing negativity and fear of the egoic mind. 


While this does give temporary relief, it is ultimately a bad wolf trap, as the escapism is just a means of hiding from your growth, resisting the process. NOT doing the work. it’s the wrong way out because it's not out. It stagnates your growth and doesn't allow the fear density to dissolve out of your body. You might ask yourself what part of you would want to keep the fear density locked inside of you? The good wolf or the bad wolf? We know for certain, it’s not the absolute you. 


You must remember, and keep remembering, you are in a process. All of us have moments and, sometimes entire days, where it feels like the bad wolf feels is winning.  The darkness often seems to come out of nowhere and takes us over, flowing over us. Panic, fear, anxiety, we have all been there. 


The cork is a helpful visual analogy to understand how these energy waves flow through us in the process. Think of yourself as a cork that gets pulled under the water when these waves of negativity arrive,  we seem helpless to bring ourselves back to breathing normal, calm above the water.


But of course, the cork’s design, its natural tendency is to float back up to the top. The more you can stay calm in the struggle the easier it is to graciously float back to the top after the wave of negativity has crashed over you. We can't stop the waves, they are built into the process, as they are the process.  


Because everything is vibrational frequency, so too are these waves of both negative and positive energy. This is simply how the system is designed, it's not something we can avoid, or should even strive to avoid, again, it is built into the process. A process that is happening “for you” not “to you”. These energy waves are something we need to embrace, feel and be with, without resistance. What you resist persists. 


This is why calm in the struggle is the only answer. When your cork gets pulled under, staying deeply present and in a state of acceptance, gratitude and surrender is the fastest way for your cork to resurface. This state of presence does not stop you from experiencing the wave of fear pulling your cork under, but it does allow you to ride more calmly in the center of the storm safe from as all sorts of mental debris that     is flying all around you.


If we step out of the present moment by moving our awareness our consciousness into either the past or the future, back onto the bad wolf train, we move directly into the debris field, being pelted by mental fear junk. While all mental fear is a lie, man does it feel real. Know you're going to get through it one way or another, your cork will resurface, this too shall pass. You get to choose, calm in the struggle, grace and ease or bricks in the dryer. 


Meditation can be a powerful method for moving into the flowing presence, into the zone. For many new to this process, meditation can be a struggle at first and can, for some, initially bring on a bit of anxiety as you attempt to quiet the egoic mind, this is because the bad wolf recognizes this meditation as a threat to its control. Try, “sheeush, not now! I’m mediating”


Some have found that simple and shorter guided meditations that focus on calming, stillness and connecting to your higher self are a great place to start. In person guided meditation classes with a grounded and aware instructor can also be an extremely powerful experiences as we learn the best ways to quiet the egoic mind and enter presence.


Here are five jewels for the finding and holding the flowing presence but by no stretch of the imagination are these the only ways, just a few very solid places to start.


Number 1, Mediation as we talked about earlier is powerful. The dedicated practice of meditation, meaning having a consistent day and time, even if briefly, is more beneficial than it is to meditate for longer periods of time randomly.    


So make a commitment to yourself today, find time to meditate, choose a certain time every day, five minutes daily is a good start as build up to the ideal twenty minutes a day, it’s not all about the time, it's about creating a consistent habit, a firm commitment to yourself and your process. The habit of creating consistent presence, calm in the struggle.  


Number 2, Self Love

Never forget love as a primary means of moving you into flowing presence. You are love, You need love, you share love and you need to love yourselves first. Love is of course the highest vibrational frequency, so it connects you directly to the flowing presence. We realize this can be difficult in our world today because love is often viewed as weakness, but we know who dances the people to see it that way and we know that’s a lie.


Number 3, The feeling and voicing of gratitude never fails to rescue you. Focus your awareness on consciously choosing to experience heartfelt gratitude. Feel these feelings of gratitude deep down, own them, be them, and live them, even and especially for the smallest things. This is a very powerful way to move you out of the fear and regret mental state and will keep you held steady and strong in the flowing presence. 


Number 4, Check in with your feelings often, they can tell you whether you're in the present moment or in the mental state of the past or the future. If you're feeling calmness, collected, centered and still you're in the present great job. When you are feeling tense, feeling an underlying uneasiness, or straight up anxiety, likely you've gotten on the bad wolf’s train, come back home little sheep.   


Number 5, finding solitude in nature is extremely helpful, take time to walk alone in nature, take notice of the beauty and perfection abound, it’s one of the best ways to stop the egoic mind, even if only for a moment. 

Continue to practice these little steps and move into the eye of the storm, the calm in the struggle  It's the little things that help you to tune in, to broadcast and receive the love frequency, letting the light of the absolute you shine through.