The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 2 - The Process Series

January 09, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 2
The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 2 - The Process Series
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Episode 2 - Dumping into the the stream of consciousness and the Bad Wolf's catalog.

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 2



We have published the short Abundance Spectrum Audio Book to give an overview of the Abundance Spectrum concepts. It helpful for listeners to experience the audio book for context before the Listening to The Process Series.  

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   


Dumping in the Stream

What do we mean by dumping in the stream? If you can imagine your conscious mind as a clear freshwater stream, this stream flows with all your thoughts and all your emotions. Like all streams, your stream is leading somewhere, and it flows into something, for all humans this “stream of consciousness” flows into a beautiful pool inside of you, we call this the manifestation pool.   

This pool is how we manifest things in our world, you thoughts, words and feelings, think of them as information residing in the pool and ultimately they coalesce and become pushed into real things in our 3d world. Think of the manifestation pool as the power center at the core of your human broadcast and receiving system.

But now imagine you’ve unknowingly given the authority of your manifestation abilities to a third party or entity, this entity is not looking out for your best interest, and the entity is dumping toxic things into your freshwater stream, which of course flows directly into your manifestation pool. 

Because we humans have been blessed by design with incredible manifestation abilities, the pool inside of you is magical. It manifests whatever is put into the pool, over time luckily, although the time from thought to manifestation seems to be shorting as the Process continues to unfold, that’s another episode. 

Your magic pool doesn't distinguish between good thoughts or bad thoughts, things that are helpful or things that are painful, things that are ugly or things that are beautiful, your dedicated and faithful manifestation pool, your broadcast and receiving power center, simply says as you wish master! 

So this entity, this physic parasite, this malware, the bad wolf has succeeded in masquerading inside of you, as you, it has stealthy taken command of the stream and is constantly dumping toxic stuff, in the form of negative thoughts, words and feelings into your stream of consciousness and flowing directly from there into your manifestation pool. 

The bad wolf knows its stealthy operations are known to few. Like all good liars, it works in the dark and says “who knows us, who sees us”. But as we wake up in the Process, we know, and we see. The awakened you needs to protect the manifestation pool by stationing the absolute you as the diligent, ever-present, detached watcher of the egoic mind. You are the watcher not the mind.

Once you are aware and shine the light of your awareness onto the moment-by-moment actions of the egoic mind, things will start to change. You may know that in studies of highly successfully people from all walks of life, they all have one thing in common, PMA, positive mental attitude, while many of them may not be aware of the bad wolf, they have made a conscious effort to take back control of the stream and put only good, abundant, loving thoughts in there, that makes for a very nice clean manifestation pool. 

One exercise we recommend is called “catch and replace” as you watch a bad thought arise in the egoic mind, first catch it with your awareness, know that’s not yours, it’s a lie.  Then cast the negative image or thought onto an imaginary plate glass in your mind, then break the glass, watch it shatter in your mind into a million pieces. 

know now that's not part of what's going into your stream. Replace it with a positive thought or image, it could be simply your pets’ loving eyes, somebody in your life you love dearly, a peaceful image of nature, basically anything in the love vibration, the good wolf.  

By simply placing your attention on watching each thought and each emotion, we can begin to see clearly just how and when the bad wolf operates through the egoic mind. When we are being danced by the bad wolf it also impacts our bodies and experiences in a negative way. But, there is a new sheriff in town and it’s you, the watcher, the absolute You!

So how can you tell when it is the bad wolf that is talking? Well It’s the loud voice with a fear-based vibration, always. Usually ripe with fear of the future and or regret of the past, as these are the bad wolf’s go to stream dumping fear generators. 

But also take note of other fear-based vibrations in its arsenal, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, false pride, superiority, lies… all the bad wolf. Remember mental fear is a lie!  

The Catalog 

We know that all thoughts, emotions, words and even our experiences are energetic, they have an energetic signature, a unique frequency.  

So what is the catalog? Let’s start with the dictionary: A catalog is a complete enumeration of items arranged systematically with descriptive details. Descriptive details indeed.

The Bad wolf, the malware is specifically programmed to capture and store inside of you a catalog all lower vibrating frequencies of fear and is systematically arranging a lifelong complete enumeration of all your lower vibrating thoughts, emotions, words and all life experiences with incredibly descriptive detail. So yes, the bad wolf has created the textbook definition of a catalog, inside of you. 

The bad wolf is not interested in cataloging your happy thoughts, your love based higher vibrational frequency expressions and experiences. So what is the purpose of the bad wolf creating such a detailed catalogue of lower vibrating frequency expressions and experiences and storing that in side of you? 

some of us might know the answer to that already, as we know the bad wolf’s mission is to generate fear and that fear fuels a higher dimension, that dimension we call; the 4th dimension negative, which finds fear a delicious delicacy or at least a sustaining force. Giving the bad wolf its purpose and mission.  

By cataloging these experiences, databasing if you will, the bad wolf has access to these lower vibrating expressions and experiences and can call them up using the equivalent of a google algorithm from hell. 

So, for example, seeing an image of a specific make, model and color car can trigger one of the cataloged past negative vibrating events from your history and instantly replay it in your mind, simply dumping that into your stream of consciousness. As we know the bad wolf doesn't make requests or ask permission for what it's going to dump in your stream of consciousness. 

In fact, it is constantly dumping in the stream of consciousness. For simplicity’s sake let’s say a fear value of 1-10 is register by your emotions for any given expression or experience you have had in the past. 

The bad wolf is continually dumping level one and two events into the stream of consciousness, this creates the experience for most of us humans as a kind of underlying and low level feeling of uncomfortableness or uneasiness, or commonly described by many people as an underlying feeling of not being good enough.   

When its time to rachet up the fear generator, the bad wolf will use higher more intense cataloged events. Fives and sixs will certainly get your attention, this creates fear for all of us but for the unaware this will hit the fear target even harder, and will generally cause some action of escapism or addictive behavior to surface within you in, as an effort to mask or avoid feeling that intensity, this is a deep topic of another entire episode. 

When the bad wolf throws nines and tens into the stream, we know what that feels like, they can cause breakdowns and we feel like we're losing our minds, the fear is off the charts. This is how the bad wolf uses the catalog to keep you, and your 7 billion or so brothers and sisters, in a near continued state, at varying levels, of broadcasting and receiving the fear vibration. 

To make things a bit more complex, the bad wolf is creating two low vibrating frequency event catalogs simultaneously. One catalog is stored in your minds memory, think of that as computer hard disk space the other catalog is stored in your body think of that as random-access memory or RAM.

We have covered the minds memories or hard disk storage catalog above, but trauma on the other hand, is a horse of a different color. Real trauma such as war, violence, abuse, and accidents are cataloged and stored in the body.  

Again, for simplicity’s sake, like the mind stored catalog, your trauma is also given a number from say 1-10 as registered by your emotions upon experiencing any given trauma.   

We all have trauma, and whether they are 1s or 10s, the bad wolf stores these traumas in the body’s catalog. The function and purpose of RAM memory in computer terms is for immediate full recall of the stored data. This immediate retrieval of any given trauma experience is not just the thought of the trauma like in the mind catalog, but can instantly, upon trigger, deliver the actual reliving or re-experiencing of the trauma, the smells, the sights, the sounds, the emotion, the pain and of course the FEAR. Like a live holographic reply. This is what make PTSD so devastating.

This understanding of the storage of trauma in the body is detailed in scientific, research and real-world experience in the best-selling book “the body keeps the score”. Thankfully the book also covers how using trusted non-pharmaceutical techniques such as EMDR and Alpha Theta neurofeedback can facilitate the trauma to be relocated, moved from RAM memory, in the body to your hard disk space in the mind. 

Through this integration process the PTSD of the trauma can often be moved from your body’s instant full sensory recall location to your mind, becoming a memory of an unpleasant experience, thus greatly lessening the traumas day to day impact on a person.  

Back to the bad wolf, for most of us humans it's hard to believe that there could be something inside of you that is so insidious, something working against you well-being full time, running a script, a malware, a program, to cause you to experience and broadcast the fear frequency. This bad wolf is not benevolent or compassionate, is incapable of empathy or sympathy, those love frequencies it cannot possess as its vibrational frequency is too low.  

So, there is only one way out, and it’s the Process you’re in right now. You cannot kill the bad wolf. It's like a built-in roommate that you cannot get rid of. The only way home is by loving it to death, your egoic mind likely just said “yeah right”!

How do you Love it to death? so let’s go back to discussing vibrational frequency, and rightfully so I guess because everything is vibrational frequency.  The love vibration frequency is very high and very pure, this makes it unpalatable for the bad wolf and so as the vibrational frequencies increase on this planet, the love vibration is the thing that is increasing, which in turn leaves no room for the lower vibrating frequencies, the bad wolf. Time to go home.  

This increasing frequency causes the fear density to effervesce or dissolve out of your cells. Meaning that The Process is moving you into the love vibration, so it is the process itself that is loving the bad wolf to death. 

By choosing to engage in the process and with your surrender and gratitude wands firmly in hand and with a great deal of courage my brave warriors, you too can choose to love the fear density on its way out or it can torture you to near insanity but either way you are the door it is leaving through so you can count on it coming directly through you as its being loved to death.