The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 1 - The Process Series

January 06, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 1
The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 1 - The Process Series
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Episode 1 - It is a Process, The Height of Insanity, Embracing Fear and the Calm in the Struggle, Abundance Spectrum Exercise: The Truth Switch.

In The Process Series, The Abundance Spectrum goes deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to embrace the Process of personal growth and struggle in becoming the Absolute You. The Process Series has short but powerful episodes coupled with relevant and insightful interviews, real life Process stories, the sharing of deep realizations and hands on tools for best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process






Some of you may well know the story of a spiritual leader named Eckhart Tolle. As he tells his story, it begins with his experience of struggle with depression and anxiety, sound familiar?, he explains that one evening a realization came over him after saying to himself  “I’m so sick of myself” it was in that thought that he uncovered the “double you”  

and a new awareness dawned within him, that there are in fact two of him, the one producing the thoughts and the one perceiving or watching the thoughts, The Double You, the good wolf and the bad wolf. 

Through this recognition, he woke up one morning to a spontaneous feeling of clarity and an absence of the constant stream of negative thought, his rapid evolution process effectively effervesced or dissolved the density of the bad wolf overnight, simply by his awareness of it alone. Thus, leaving him with beautiful clarity and very little unwanted thought…in perfect balance with his absolute you. 

Remember, everything is energy so to discharge that negative energy in an instant is completely possible. However, for most of the rest of us, those that are even trying to wake up that is, we find ourselves in a situation where this “process” of evolution, although the same exact process as Echart’s, it is taking us “a bit longer”. The road is winding, and the gate is narrow.


This process is moving away from the bad wolf, which is ego, mental identification with your form, your mind and body and truly embracing the good wolf, which is balancing the form and the formless energies and embracing your higher dimensional self, which we call the absolute you. 

This process is a journey to be sure and its starts in earnest when you have the realization that there are two of you, this simple realization of the double you is what lights the fuse of your glorious awaking. That said, it is likely not going to be instantaneous but rather a continuous set of choices you must make in each and every moment moving forward. It’s a free will choice. 

We have published the short Abundance Spectrum Audio Book to give an overview of the Abundance Spectrum concepts. Here we introduce the Abundance Spectrum: The Process Series.  In the Process series, we go deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you, by sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, sharing deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

It’s important to recognize change of any kind is always challenging for us humans and the kind of change detailed in the Abundance Spectrum is particularly challenging. As with any large process it’s best to break it down into smaller chunks to ensure that we are continuously progressing and not getting too overwhelmed. It’s one moment at a time, stay present.


1.  It is a process

Whether you realize it or no, you are currently in this process of rapid evolution and until this realization is reached within you, you will not be able to truly embrace and navigate the process. The process is simply the effervescing off or dissolving the old fear density of mind consciousness to reveal the already existing and powerful heart consciousness, from caterpillar to butterfly, from bad wolf to good wolf. 

By becoming aware there are truly higher spiritual forces are at play here, you can start to embrace and integrate the things needed for you to progress and evolve in a manner that is least painful and most positive for you and those around you. 

This awareness of being in a process, affords you the ability to experience a calm in the center of the storm experience of the process rather than a jarringly bounced around experience of the process. Often the willingness to become aware requires that a pain or unhappiness threshold be reached within you, it seems the universe wants to strip each of us down to our core before building us back anew. 

It is through this stripping that one is forcibly drawn to investigate the higher meaning of life on earth, this is the window, that if taken, leads to your understanding that you are in a process, and the time is now to have the courage and strength to embrace it and is likely why you are listening to these words at this moment. It makes perfect sense, because for most people, if everything is great why would you need to investigate any higher meaning of this life, we call that lost in form.


2.  The Height of Insanity 

This is the beginning of the road for many people, a place where pain and or fear become so intense that the level becomes unbearable, in some cases it fits the biblical concept of wanting death but not finding it. 

This stage is punctuated by seeing fear, pain and ugliness everywhere including and especially in yourself, in thoughts and in the mirror. 

Our overactive egoic mind see flaws in everything, and hopelessness and conflict are everywhere. Our minds become overly active with deeply negative with often self-defeating or even self-destructive thoughts. At this juncture we are usually experiencing some levels of imbalances, mental and physical pain and general suffering. 

We find at this stage people are commonly experiencing significant health concerns, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and feelings of despair. Also common is always there humming and/or ringing in the ears, feeling a heavy cloudiness and concern for our mental health, our memory seems to be challenged and we have difficulty accessing simple words and memories, even the meaning of things becomes cloudy. 

Random body aches, numbness and pain, heavy fatigue, dizziness and the feeling of spinning, night sweats and hot flashes are common as are skin eruptions, stomach concerns like vomiting and/or diarrhea and difficulty sleeping with your overactive mind. External stimulation of lights, colors, TV, traffic, loud music can become overwhelming.    

 On top of the mental and physical things happening, you will find your life is making some monumental changes seemingly without asking for your input or permission. We see the sudden disappearance or rapid shifting in lovers, friends, family, hobbies and activities. Also rapid changes in your home, job and or livelihood. Things you used to do often and enjoy no longer feel good or right. Your identity itself seems to be in question and simply belonging somewhere feels elusive. 

At this stage folks take one of two paths, escapism, which unfortunately appears to be what many, many people are choosing at this moment, or to embrace the fear and uglies by actively engaging in the Process. 

Here we will discuss the embracing path, later in another episode we will discuss the escapism and addiction path in detail. 



3.  Embracing Fear and the Calm in the Struggle

The struggle is the fear density leaving you, and it is leaving you, but it can’t effervesce off into nothing. As the fear density leaves your cells, it must move through you to be released, through your mind, your consciousness, through your body. 


If you can see that the mental and physical challenges you are experiencing are part of the process of the fear density dissolving, you can have a knowing that this current moment is not your permanent station in life, this too shall pass! 


Seeing every ping and pang of the mind and body that you are experiencing as actually helping you along the process, regardless of your diagnosis and prognosis. Seeing these things all as happening for you, not to you, allows you to choose to experience gratitude rather than feeling as thou you are a victim. The situation hasn’t changed but your reaction to it has.

Although difficult, we can come to fully accept it, all of it, we use the mantra “it is what is in this moment”, accepting this present moment without resistance to it, any of it, regardless of how awful it may feel or be. 

The egoic mind might inform you it seems like a ridiculous statement that one needs to surrender to pain and suffering. However, the way through this is to do just that. Surrender to what is in this current moment, whatever that feeling or whatever the emotion… no matter how painful or dark.  

Its about surrendering to your process, while knowing you are divinely cared for. The caterpillar always turns into the beautiful butterfly and your divine seed is no different.  

So try it, surrender to what is:  surrender to what is in this moment with your body, with your mind, with your limitations, with your diagnosis, with the state of the 3-D world, with your process surrender to what is in this present moment. 

You can hand it all off to your higher power, to the absolute you. A powerful mantra we’ve read elsewhere is “Thank you God for reminding me all these things are worked out perfectly”. We have seen repeating this mantra delivers reliable relief from the bad wolf. 

Surrendering to the process doesn’t mean you don’t need or seek medical or mental health care both are especially helpful to rule out serious problems the mind might attempt to fixate on.

The key to staying calm in the struggle, while the egoic mind, the bad wolf tells you, you must struggle, is a beautifully powerful combination of surrender and gratitude. Real heart felt gratitude gives us courage.  

Abundance Spectrum Exercise

Each episode of the Process Series will include an exercise. The exercise is an action item geared toward bringing you and the collective consciousness closer to the absolute you and helping create some calm in the struggle of your ongoing process. This Abundance Spectrum Exercise is called: The Truth Switch

Consider starting simply but very powerfully by using this Abundance Spectrum Exercise called: The Truth Switch, Telling the truth is a key aspect of the Abundance Spectrum and a very critical aspect of your process.

A major part of the process is to be present, and the Truth is always present, it does not reside in the past or future. It never needs to be tracked or covered up. The truth is simply always powerfully present. So simple it’s hard to believe our world seems to have forgotten this. 

But a lie on the other hand always has a past and a future, they need to be remembered and tracked and new lies told to keep the old lies covered from the light of the truth, so after the initial utterance of any lie, the lie lives in both the past and the future but never again in the present.  

So telling the truth always allows us to avoid living in the past or the future and simultaneously keeps us firmly rooted in the present. It’s a win-win for your process

Embrace the Truth Switch practice by wearing a bracelet, watch, jewelry, ring, etc.  and switch hands or sides of the body with every lie told by you, no matter how small the lie. This will help you greatly in achieving your “Truth Switch” goal of 100% truth-telling. As you begin to live this amazing lie free life, you will soon demand those around you all be lie free as well. 

While telling the truth 100% of the time sounds easy on the surface in practice it is actually much harder than lying. It has been said “the truth is heavy, therefore few care to carry it”. This is why when you know someone who tells the truth always you know you can trust them, and you know that level of integrity is highly valued because it is rare in today’s world. 

As many already know our world is disturbingly full of lies and lying has become easy, normal and sadly acceptable, while lying is normal today it isn’t natural, it isn’t present, it isn’t the good wolf and it isn’t aligned with who you are becoming, the absolute you. So let’s do away with it.

As Gandhi shared, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” The truth is always present and by aligning yourself with the truth you are aligning yourself with the present moment, the good wolf and its one of the most powerful exercises you can do for aligning yourself with the absolute you.