The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 11 - The Process Series

April 23, 2023 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 11
Episode 11 - The Process Series
The Abundance Spectrum
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The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 11 - The Process Series
Apr 23, 2023 Season 2 Episode 11
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Leaving the I, Me, Mine behind for Divine Coherence

The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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Leaving the I, Me, Mine behind for Divine Coherence

The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 11




Leaving the I, Me, Mine behind for Divine Coherence 


Here we discuss a few important steps for leaving the false reality behind, meaning identification with form and the egoic mind and choosing instead the absolute truth, the recognition of who you truly are at the highest level, divine coherence, the absolute you. 


The first step is waking up to the double you. So what is the double you? When your mind has a thought and your awareness recognizes that you've just had that thought, one can pause for a moment and ask, am I that thought that my mind just had or am I the awareness, the consciousness that just witnessed that thought? 


This could likely be the most important question of any person's life, because within that question and the firm clear answering of it, we uncover the “double you”. A new awareness dawns inside, that there are in fact two of you, the one producing the automatic, unrequested often negative or judgmental thoughts and the one perceiving or watching the thoughts. 


This recognition of the double you starts what we call the process, a journey to be sure, one which can now begin to flow in earnest, as the lighting of this unstoppable fuse leads you to your glorious awaking.  Now that the fuse is burning, free will comes into play, front and center, the door opens to the conscious choosing of being identified with one or the other, the egoic mind or the consciousness that is aware of the egoic mind. A choice that is continuous, in every word, every thought, every deed, every action, every minute of every day, a continual choosing. 


This choosing is the Process, moving your consciousness away from the identification as the I, Me, Mine, the egoic mind. Which is critical as such rigid identification to your form sees you as a limited disconnected individual person and locks into only the horizonal existence on the earth plane. 


This moving away from the egoic mind allows you to fully embrace that you are, in fact, the consciousness that can watch and witness the egoic mind’s actions and thus choose to become fully identified as that intelligence, a spiritual being that is currently inhabiting, one of many, human physical body experiences. 


As you formally begin the Process and the pendulum swings to balance the form and the formless energies, swinging you on your way to full conscious identification and reconnection to the flowing oneness, interconnected light. You become reintroduced to your higher dimensional self, moving your awareness to the vertical plane, the absolute you. From caterpillar to butterfly.


Yet, for most it isn't as simple as just one day moving your consciousness to the absolute you, while that's certainly the required goal, one must first wake up to your internal detractor, the gatekeeper of the malware, the bad wolf, your own egoic mind itself, who by the way does not want you to disidentify with it because doing so would mean the loss of its energetic charge, its power, its control over you and ultimately, as it’s well aware, will lead to its death, the death of the ego. So the egoic mind will fight using all its might against your attempts to disidentifying with it.  


This is the hero’s journey, a truly spiritual battle.  As one consciously engages in switching your identification from form to formless, it is then and only then one can begin to move toward the extraction of your consciousness from the chains that bind you. As you engage this epic battle, it's important to remember one powerful piece of knowledge, an valuable asset you bring to the battle and that is the knowing that the malware, the bad wolf, cannot control the light. 

It has exactly zero power over the light and therefore must attempt to control you and convince you to decide with your own free will not to identify as the consciousness that watches the egoic mind, as the light itself, as it does everything in its power to try to block you from seeing, feeling or even having an awareness of the existence of the higher light, of the absolute you.  


Remember, the “I, me, mine” identification with self is the normal state of things here on planet earth for largest portion of humanity, while this is “normal” at this moment in time it is important to understand it is not our “natural” state. That said, because it is so normal, so ubiquitous it makes extracting your conciseness from the chains that bind, all that more difficult, as the saying goes in an insane world the sane man appears insane.


The method in which we all experience this process of moving your conscious identification to the absolute you can be very challenging for most humans as it creates a burning off of the false reality, the fear density, an effervescing off of this dark energy from your body and your mind, as the fear density within the cells of the body are being replaced with the love vibration the higher vibrating frequency of the singularity, your divine coherence, the absolute you.


Thankfully you are not alone in this battle, in fact the entire universe is on your side, although some days it's very hard to see and feel that. As we mentioned in past episodes, the love and light higher vibrating frequencies are increasing on our planet every day. This is coming to us in the form of an energetic increase in cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays and other energies from space now easily penetrating earth’s weakening magnetic field. No living thing on planet earth will be unaffected by these changes, it's that big. 


While these energies can be challenging, if we find the courage to surrender to them, allowing them to strip the fear density out of our cells, remain calm in the struggle as they effervesce off  through our psyche, through our minds and bodies, we can draw strength from nature and remember the Caterpillar turns to goo, nothingness before it is reshaped into incredible beauty and unimaginable freedom, so too is our journey of rapid evolution.   


We humans have been shown “the path” many times over and in many forms stemming from almost all ancient cultures, the Christians, ancient Egypt, the Buddhist, the Daoist, native Americans, the Hindus, Greek mythology, the list goes on. The underlying story line is always the same, we humans must free ourselves from the chains of false realities in order to experience the ultimate reality, the truth and the light.


Many may recall Greek philosopher Plato’s allegory of the Cave. Plato's brilliant cave metaphor uses prisoners chained in the dark to explain how challenging it is to wake up from a false reality, after being purposely indoctrinated with    false projections and limiting belief systems. Such entrenched false beliefs make it difficult to extracting oneself from a false reality, revealing the shear bravery it takes to consciously buck the system, shed the fear density and move out of the darkness and into the light. And ultimately how the heroes once reaching the light are called to go back and attempt to assist those still in the dark chains of a false reality.  


For our version, think of our entire experience here on planet earth as being created by information, coming from a formless central point, much like the source light from a projection system. This information is being delivered via a carrier wave, a plasma-based energy wave the carries an unfathomable number of pieces of information, this flowing formlessness all emanating from a single point, the singularity, source light. 


In scientific terms the information source makes up all the elements. Now image the information within this carrier way is being directed to at point in time and space and that the carrier wave is continuously crossing in and out, above and below this time and space axis.


Each time the carrier wave crosses the time space axis, its frequency bursts from information to actual 3D matter pulsing into this dimension.  It’s the constant crossing of the time space axis by this information rich carrier wave that creates matter itself, matter that we humans see as our 3D world, creating all aspects of the human experience.


Now image that that carrier wave itself was collapsed, truncated, corrupted by a malware, a supernatural cyber-attack of sorts, a blocking of the full expression of the carrier wave. In computer terms, think of it as intercepting and manipulating the connection to a mainframe computer by the insertion of malware, evil itself, an insidious AI driven algorithm that only lets through a fraction of the powerful good information coming from the mainframe computer, creating a much restricted and negatively controlled end user experience. 


But now imagine powerful forces of good coming directly against that malware virus. Delivered in the form of the much-prophesized turning of ages event, the return of the divine light, full blast, now manifesting as the increased love vibration flooding planet earth.  This is the universal antivirus and when you combine it with your personal conscious awaking, your awareness of yourself as the absolute you, we experience a glorious combined personal and planetary awakening. The new earth


A new earth that is birthing now, one that will vibrate completely without fear. Our cells are being stripped clean, cleansed of the fear density.  It's this 1-2 punch of the expanding galactic love vibration wave and your own firm desire to detether and to no longer experience the collapsed waveform, that actually resets the carrier wave, literally un-collapses it, unblocks it, re-inflates it.


Letting its love rich divine coherence flow through into this realm fully unadulterated, unobstructed, the love vibration on high, making you, and every other human being on planet earth that has chosen to awaken, one interconnected collective, an end point node of the carrier wave, a powerful oneness broadcasting and receiving station for the love vibration. This is waking up, this is enlightenment.  


But again, waking up, your enlightenment is a process and for most it takes time.  One important milestone that is unmistakable upon your arrival, is the entering of the quiet zone. The space between the full identification with form, the egoic mind and body and the reaching full identification as the formless one. Many are already feeling the effects of having entered the quiet zone. It manifests as a feeling of being alone, feeling like you don't fit in with the world and is very often accompanied by a stripping away of many things, loved ones, relationships, careers, the clarity of your mind, you may even feel as if you or others think you’ve gone crazy, that you've lost your mind.


In a sense this is true, you are losing your mind, you’re losing your connection and identification with the egoic mind. Which of course is a good thing. It's in this quiet zone where your faith in the process will be tested and your will to awaken becomes battle hardened. Where your response to this test will need to be an unwavering calm in this titanic struggle, a calmness that requires acceptance of what is and non-grasping.


A knowing that you're divinely cared for even in what feels like an uncomfortable stillness. All while we continue the conscious choosing to become fully aligned with the divine will, moving away from your own egos personal desires and lusts and choosing service to others over service to self and of course the hallmark of the quiet zone, the need to surrender to the process, it’s the ultimate trust fall. 


Trust and surrender are required as the magnetic draw of the light literally pulling us into the New Age. Pulling us back home into the oneness of all creation. If you’re facing toward the light, trusting, calm and surrendered, you can effortlessly flow with the stream. But if you’re facing away from it, not accepting the light source that is now, not so gently, calling us home, well then, the struggle will be intense, making your experience here on planet earth much more challenging. 


Think of when you put two magnets together in one position they detract aggressively but when you flip it, they attract aggressively. This is how the magnetic nature of the singularity of source light works as it calls us all home. Through unawareness, being deeply asleep, one is aggressively opposed or detracted from being drawn back to the light. However, by the conscious choice of alignment with the light, one is being aggressively attracted to it. By design it's a free will choice.


The goal here is to have the least amount of resistance to the light’s magnetic pull. To become the Absent Reflection, that is when we look in the mirror and see only the light connecting us to all things, the We, the divine spirit inside, wholly absent of the I, Me, Mine, disengaged from the egoic mind. This is the Absent Reflection. And for those of us who have been fortunate enough to experience a great deal of pain and suffering in order to wake us up, we are ready to become that Absent Reflection.


The light is calling us home, our ultimate destination is the entering of the sanctuary, your inner Kingdom. As the saying goes the door to the sanctuary, to the inner Kingdom is inside of you. This is absolutely true, and the key to unlock that door is one becoming the Absent Reflection. Fortunately for all of us and the beauty is, we all already possess this inner Kingdom, right here right now as does every other human being on planet earth. It's our divine birthright. 


The ancient texts attest that when we've enter the inner Kingdom, we experience the knowing and being of the divine coherence itself, oneness. With that comes the peace that passes all understanding, regardless of what may be occurring outside the sanctuary. Where all the limitations we believe to be true in this realm no longer apply, where our bodies can be fed directly from the source light, mana from heaven, where the rigid nature of time and space give way to a more fluid state, allowing time to stand still in the highest of vibrating spaces. 


So in quick summery, life is but a holographic dream, it’s flowing information like a computer program. A supernatural source that feeds on the fear vibration, has altered the waveform, collapsing it, hacking it, running an automated negative vibrating AI malware, one that manifests in our biological 3-D world as the blocking of the full flow of the love and light from the singularity, the 5D holographic projection source


This creates duality here on planet earth, the knowledge of good and evil, which is our false reality, manifesting here in our biology as the bad wolf, the devil, the darkness being built into each of us. However, its time is over, the clock cycle, the divine procession is bringing duality to a climatic and intense end.


It’s time to extracting yourself from the false reality and move into your conscious identification of you as a formless spiritual being, that is simply inhabiting this year's flesh suit. In order to connect to all that is, we have to disconnect from all that was. You are only there in the oneness, when you, are not there. 

The most contagious, the fastest spreading thing, is not disease or wildfire, but the energies of love and fear. Therefore, we must be relentless in pursuit of the love vibration. Stay calm in the struggle, choose the present moment, dedicate all thought to union with the divine coherence and become the grace and ease that is welcoming home the absolute you.