The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 10 - The Process

January 29, 2023 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 10
The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 10 - The Process
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The Stripping Away and Becoming Whole

The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 10



The Stripping Away and Becoming Whole

We start by reminding all of the “divine dichotomy”, the occurrence of seemingly polar opposites events, experiences and encounters occurring in our lives simultaneously. Today we’ll discuss the stripping away and how this leads us to becoming whole and complete. For many of us, at this moment, things are being stripped away. The loss of loved ones, our valued relationships, our health, our financial stability, our motivation, our very minds, and sometimes multiple of these things at once. 

These changes seem to arrive unexpected, are rapid and often very thorough. Yet, it is the divine dichotomy’s role that through this process, inexplicably, this painful stripping away is what leads us to the experience of wholeness and completeness. Importantly, we aren't gaining or receiving the wholeness and completeness but uncovering it within. Just as the learning process isn't putting something new into your mind, it is the uncovering of what is already there, already known. So too is the recognition of your wholeness and completeness. 

It’s always been there, deep inside of you, masked by the false need of finding wholeness and completeness outside of yourself, a deception generated by the egoic mind, the bad wolf. This lie would have you believe the only place to find that wholeness is outside of you, in the material world, in 3D form. The opposite is true.

Yet, big change is required in order to find the wholeness within. There is only one constant throughout all of existence and that is “change”. It's the only thing we can count on and now we have entered what is considered a new level of change, a new magnitude. The entire collective can sense it and feel it, just scan the energy of the folks at your local store to confirm this. If one will allow oneself, it’s now easy to see that financial institutions, energy systems, government structures, planet earth itself are all rapidly changing at this moment. 

The stability of things that we've come to know, and trust are changing, many going away.  It’s the human driven portions of this untethering, which has been ongoing for a while now, that is delivering a significant component of the stripping away, it's not an accident. Many of us are aware that people in high places, being danced completely by the bad wolf are literally driving an agenda that is anti-human, the opposite of the love vibration. 

Their not-so-subtle actions and goals are being implemented through the hive mind under the direction of the higher realm dark forces. In the simplest terms they are purposefully generating fear and lack while attempting to significantly reduce the population of planet earth, in furtherance of their plan to make the oppressive control of all aspects of what’s left easier for them to manage. 

As the bad wolf dances the deeply asleep humans, in lock step with those aware they are in committed service of the darkness, thankfully higher divine forces are also simultaneously at play, to flip these big changes on the planet in favor of humanity as opposed to against it. In favor of our evolution into our awakening of the oneness, the interconnected nature of all things. 

As if to show proof that divinity is at work here, our planet’s protective magnetic field continues to weaken into excursion and today’s solar cycle 25 is simultaneously heating up. These higher realm events are delivering more photonic light, more energy from the sun and from the universe, which is having an impact on all living things here on earth. 

This energy from space has documented effects on our ability to process and handle stress and fear as well as significant impact on the cardiovascular system. In spiritual terms, this new energy is pushing out the fear density inside all of us for its permanent release from our bodies and minds while simultaneously replacing it with the ever-expanding love vibration. As the exercise mantra goes “no pain, no gain”. 

This process is bombarding humanity with change, energetic, geopolitical, planetary, spiritual, personal, all changing now at a rapid pace. One of many outcomes is that good people are being led to become quieter and that manifests as things in the 3D world been pushed away. 

This is changing and stripping away our very understanding of “self”, which while painful, is actually preparing us for the future.  If we can find the courage to look through the love vibration lens, it's actually a loving thing that's happening for you, not to you, with the ultimate goal of increasing of your vibrational frequency.    

What you're truly experiencing is a rapid evolutionary process, the effervescing off of the fear density inside of you and the increasing of the love frequency in the cells of your body. Moving you rapidly forward to becoming the absolute you. Through the stripping away of these perceived important 3D items, we begin to become truly aware of just how deep the egoic mind driven illusion we live in is.

So what is the stripping away? and why is it necessary for so many? How is it possible that a stripping, that causes such physical, financial, mental, and emotional poverty, the loss of many things we value in our 3D world, could ever be considered as something that leads us to be whole and complete and increases our vibrational frequency?

We cannot answer this question with the egoic mind, the bad wolf. It will attempt to convince you that these losses are a travesty of justice, an attack on our person and that you are a victim and that your worth as a human being must remain tethered to these 3D possessions and experiences. This is of course all a lie.

When we can gain a higher spiritual vantage point, one sees, this is a rapid “pull the Band-Aid off” method for us to experience our true nature, our true self, our true power, to bring about the death of the egoic mind, the loss of the false self, the destruction of the ruling powers of darkness, eliminating the false reality itself. The stripping away is what brings us down to a core level where we finally can recognize that even without 3D possessions and experiences, we are still whole and complete.  

For most, this recognition must come by fire. A loss of valued things, people, or places. Losses so significant that it jars a person's reality.  We will use the example of losing your financial means as this has unfortunately already hit home for many, as this aspect seems to be an integral component of the dark force’s playbook. 

In our society a false sense of self and worth around possessions and material wealth has been purposefully promulgated over many decades by the dark forces, the bad wolf. A falsehood so strong that our programed society often gauges our actual value as human beings on such illusions. If you caught up in that, and with today's societal structure it's very, very difficult not to be caught up in that. You’ll carry the belief system that, to varying degrees, your worth as a human being is intertwined by some monetary value, by your physical and material holdings. 

Therefore, it can be shocking when your material possessions, your income, your home, your car, your very ability to sustain yourself and your family are threatened to be taken away or worse actually taken away, simply stripped away, lost. 

For those who have experienced it, many will attest, although often in retrospect, that this stripping was to some degree self-inflicted. This is because our higher selves are dancing us too, sometimes not so gently, trying to help us understand that spirit needs us in a different place, with a different understanding, a higher-level perspective. 

  Spirit says, “hey we need you over here now, it’s time to give up childish illusions” and we say “not now, we're really busy with all the cares of the world”. Many are so deeply entrenched in the 3D matrix, fully identified with form, our minds and our bodies, that the concept of moving away from that seems impossible or even deadly. 

Think of the process of being stripped and becoming whole as a spiraling up process, a little bit at a time. Each spiral up toward the light, we lose a little of the fear density, that darkness held inside of our bodies and minds, the fear vibration.  With each spiral up we get a little calmer in the ongoing struggle, a little more peace within our heart while the struggle continues.  

Oftentimes these spirals, on our way up, actually get more intense and more difficult.  As we begin to recognize that the egoic mind is not ours and not here to help, the circumstances surrounding us, the attacks, the insanity, the collective madness, and our own personal mind fucks, can increase. 

There's a bit of a misconception about becoming whole. Some believe it's just a place we get to one day, after being filled up from the outside, if we had that car or that house or won the lottery we would simply “pop over” and finally be whole and complete without fear, anxiety or stress. Not true, as a matter of fact it's the exact opposite.  

That said, we no one can deny the intrinsic desire we all have to feel whole and complete. There is a void that we all experience in this dimension, living in duality here on planet earth, this void is the feeling you have inside of you of not being good enough, not doing enough, not being enough, not having enough…just not enough, period. 

Becoming whole and complete requires our awareness that outer world, our intimate relationships, people, places and things are not what fills us up. This is the illusion we are waking up at this moment and it is a product of the bad wolf, the malware running in your egoic mind and it is an epic lie. 

One truly begins to become whole by recognizing that they're already there, they're already whole and complete and that nothing in this 3D realm, nobody or no thing or no place can add to your wholeness. Knowing you are a damn fine human being, even if you have a checkered past of things that transpired while you were not aware of who you truly are. For it’s from this place of wholeness, we can see the attacks delivered by the egoic mind, the bad wolf are simply ongoing attempts to keep us held down and identified as the “self” to perpetuate the false belief that we need to fill a void from the outside to become whole.  

In this process of becoming whole, our core wounds, our deep-seated fears play a key role. We appear to continually attract experiences in our lives that trigger or bring to the surface our core wounds. Even if you've been faithfully doing the work, we find these core wounds have deep layers and we must release the pain and fear density housed within our core wounds, one layer at a time. It’s a process!

These repeating patterns, that many of us can identify with, of having our core wounds being exposed and triggered, thrusting us into the false egoic mind’s blame game, the old “go to” the “re” action, of the mind made circular victim / perpetrator pattern. Wash, rinse and repeat. 

We break this pattern when we can own and forgive our part in every experience, knowing that, while painful, our core wounds are here to help us grow, by consciously uncovering each layer one at a time, by embracing and accepting each core wound we begin an automatic process that slowly but surely releases the fear density within, leading us to an ever increasing vibrational frequency, on our way home to the good wolf, the absolute you.  

There are three steps to the process of releasing our core wounds. The first step is the hardest, like an alcoholic admitting there's a problem, this willingness to embrace our dark fears must happen first, meaning that once we admit that we have these core wounds and recognize that they are creating most of our daily suffering and are truly holding us back, we can have the courage to make a conscious commitment to really do the work required to embrace and release them.  

It truly takes inner strength to dig deep, to not only uncover the core wounds but to embrace and unravel them, to know them. To see and feel what they truly are, where they originated from, how they affect us and why they create the same “re” action within us. This is the first critical step in completing and ultimately releasing our core wounds. Bring your courage and bravery as you'll be pushing through the bad wolf’s false wall of mental fear to get this step started. The valley of the shadow of death.

The second step is to recognize you are whole and complete even with these core wounds. This is the tricky part, as our core wounds are not released immediately but are lessened of their energetic charge over time, as you allow the core wounds to be experienced, but not trigger you, allowing them to be part of you and embraced by you for the releasing. 

Remember, it's a process, none of us are perfect, be gentle with yourself and know that when you are triggered, this too shall pass. You’ll begin to reach a point that even when they are triggered, they have less and less impact on you. This second step is where all the heavy lifting is done, you got this!

When we reached the third and final stage, we are really seeing that these core wounds have less and less impact on us and feel more like a distant memory then a live exposed nerve ending. At this stage, they are having little impact on us, as their energetic charge has dissipated, like a capacitor losing its charge, so that the final releasing, when it occurs, isn't as much of a Big Bang as it is a quite slipping away of something that we know we no longer need. It has no hold over us any longer, it is simply something we have come to peace with that is leaving us for good.   

As this truth begins to flow and roll through us, we can begin to feel in our heart that we are already embodying the good wolf, the absolute you. This is felt as a grounded calmness in the heart center. Once this truth is fully engaged and having rooted itself in your heart center, no amount of tragedy, no amount of betrayal, no amount of hurt, and no amount of lack, can take away the truth that the spiritual being that's inhabiting your body right now is who you truly are and you are fully whole and complete, just as you stand, imperfections and all.

As our collective process continues, often the only thing left after the stripping washes over us is our light inside, somehow calmly and brightly shining, naked of the illusion of the false self and false belief that without those 3D items one would cease to exist. 

The stripping reveals the truth, we see we are still alive, we are still here, and in that we finally, not only recognize, but experience our powerful internal shift, the increasing of our shining light, manifesting as a growing feeling of peace, gratitude and calmness in this titanic struggle. Leaving you with no doubt that you are not your bank account, not your relationships, not even your physical health, finally clearly seeing who you truly are, a glorious spiritual light being, inhabiting a human body.

Make no mistake vibrating without fear is where humanity is heading but the road is winding, and we must push through a narrow gate. Make peace with the unknowing of the future, yet always remember you are divinely cared for, divinely held, gently cradled, move into the calm in the struggle, live in gratitude for the smallest things and let the grace and ease of the love vibration flow through you welcoming home the absolute you!