The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 9 - The Process Series

September 03, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 9
Episode 9 - The Process Series
The Abundance Spectrum
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The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 9 - The Process Series
Sep 03, 2022 Season 2 Episode 9
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Choice Points - The Great Untethering

The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

In this episode we discuss some science...if you want more information on that from a trusted source visit

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Choice Points - The Great Untethering

The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

In this episode we discuss some science...if you want more information on that from a trusted source visit

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 9

Choice Points - The Great Untethering 


Choice points are actual points, within a window of time, where we humans exercise acts of choosing, where our free will grants us the power of choice. In the case of the choice points window were currently encountering, these acts of choosing can be both an unconscious choice, meaning not knowingly choosing or a conscious decision to make a choice. There's a big difference. At this stage all of humanity, each individual being, is being asked by the higher realms to make a choice. There are three paths to go down here, one unconscious and two conscious:  

The unconscious path is not choosing at all, you'll likely not be too surprised to find that this “not choosing at all” group represents the greater portion of humanity. This usually manifests as escapism, lost in endless doing, addictions of varying flavors, think of this as a spiritual holding pattern, while you're not choosing to align with the bad wolf, the fear frequency which is good, you're not choosing the good wolf, the love frequency, either, which has you missing the most important window of your life. Riding out this turning of ages asleep on the sidelines of life.

Then there are the two flavors of consciously choosing, we'll start here with the first one, which is the choosing of the bad wolf energy, the aligning and being of service to the fear frequency. It is a straight-up conscious choosing for some humans, they believe that this choice brings them more money, more power, and more control over people and things. 

No sugar coating here, this group is truly evil, they know they are choosing to dance with the dark energies, they pray to darkness’s deities and often gain some real earthly power from such actions, they are consciously against humanity for personal gain, they have no empathy for the human experience, their sole desires are control and power. This group is downright dangerous for humanity and yet unfortunately is made-up by and large of those powers that are currently in the roll of the elite or ruling class here on planet earth.

There is a subclass of this group, and while they too are aligned with the fear density, the bad wolf, it's more of a succumbing to the desires of the egoic mind, it's being fully identified by the I, Me, Mine, meaning identified completely with the body and egoic mind, to the extent that they have not only succumb to these spoon fed bad wolf thoughts and desires playing in their minds, but their words, deeds and actions become fully in service of the egoic mind, that’s called being danced by the bad wolf, run by the malware, in service of dark spiritual forces. 

They are not consciously aware that their decisions, their very actions, are being custom delivered to them by the 4th dimension negative, by the malware pretending to be them.  They simply just think these are their ideas and worse yet, they think they are good ideas. For these folks the watcher of the egoic mind, the absolute you, is simply not present at all and without the watcher the bad wolf is free to dance those humans to its fear generation tune. Forgive them they know not what they do.

When you combine these two groups, you see how why many people would interpret their collective actions as an elaborate Machiavellian manmade plan, which naturally spawns many conspiracy theories, yet an understanding from a higher spiritual perspective makes clear that while it is a conspiracy, it is a coordinated attack on all of humanity, it's not simply one group of evil humans, it's bigger than that, much bigger.  

It's all created at a higher spiritual dimension, a negative vibrating dimension, one that uses the hive mind to stealthy execute its goals, one whose sole mission is to generate fear from the collective consciousness for its very consumption and facilitate the self-cannibalization of the human spirit. This is the reason the bad wolf’s symbol, among others, is the Ouroboros, the cannibal serpent. 

Recall, the bad wolf operates the collective hive mind in the darkness, and says “who sees us, who knows us”, yet this can't be accomplished when humans are awake and aware, when the watcher, the absolute you is on duty. But unfortunately, by design, the greater part of humanity remains in a very deep slumber. 

As the sheep sleep, we see technologies, circumstances and systems are put in place to block the new positive energy, now flooding the planet, from reaching its intended targets, the human beings of planet earth. We see so many seemingly disconnected and disparate acts of anti-human activities, each tool, each program, each system deployed is uniquely qualified for blocking the love vibration, the love frequency.

Metals based geoengineering, the curious insertion of graphene in the human body, the making of toxins commonplace in food, products and water, the fifth-generation electromagnetic radiation, the ongoing bathing of humanity in various flavors of manmade lower vibrating frequencies, the reduction and repression of energy supplies and sources, a global destabilization in food creation, the weaponizing of water, the financialization of all things including humanity, the endless war machines, and of course much more.

All seemingly stemming from different areas of society and the world, yet culminating in what clearly points to as the blocking of life sustaining energy forces, and thus gives away the underlying common theme, its goal, the significant reduction of the population of planet earth. Definitely not the good wolf.

And then there's choosing the good wolf. Just as the divine dichotomy would dictate, while all those bad wolf things are vibrating into 3D, simultaneously the love vibration is increasing, the good wolf, the absolute you has arrived in this choice points window, simply awaiting the act of each human to consciously know it, choose it, embrace it and live it. 

This choice is ultimately what the choice points window is all about, it's why it's here, this is the choice that all the prophecies, all the religious texts, all the spiritual gurus, all the ascended masters throughout time have been pointing to as THE choice. 

Yet, in order for the good wolf path to be chosen, there is an important prerequisite, one must first wake up to the fact that there are two of you, the Double You, you are not your body or your egoic mind, you are the watcher of that egoic mind, you are the consciousness that witnesses the thoughts that come into your mind, you are a divine heavenly spirit having a human experience, your spirit is simply inhabiting “this year's flesh suit”, the relative you.

Without these knowings one can't begin to consciously choose the love vibration, you can’t choose to increase your vibrational frequency, you will not have the courage to embrace, for the releasing, the intense fear the choice points window delivers, this embracing of fear is what allows you to effervesce off the fear density, the darkness within you, and transmute it to the love vibration. Simply put, without this knowing you can't be danced by the good wolf, to awaken, to sprout, grow and bloom your sacred seed, to vibrate without fear, to become the absolute you!    

Therefore, the choice points window is all about free will, it's that simple. Here on planet earth, we all have free will and free will is a much larger gift than deciding where to go to dinner tonight or what color car to buy, that's 3D free will, which is great, but we all simultaneously possess a free will that has much greater significance, importance and deep meaning for your higher dimensional self, your spiritual growth, your souls’ mission and path, your very evolution. 

As science and spirituality merge, we can drill down on the scientific view of what's caused the arrival of the choice points window. It has arrived on a chariot of the gods, energy from space. A rippling galactic current sheet serves as the choice point’s delivery system, one we will wear, as a plasma-soaked fabric surrounding us, it manifests here on earth as the currently ongoing geomagnetic excursion.

A geomagnetic excursion, is defined as a significant change in the Earth's magnetic field. It is a scientific fact that the magnetic poles here on planet earth are shifting and have been for a long time, but at this moment they are shifting faster and faster moving from 5% per century to 5% per decade. 

As this shift gains speed and intensity, the result is the earth’s overall magnetic field strength, that is, our shield protecting the planet from space weather is weakening substantially, X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, and other energies from space and the sun are no longer effectively blocked. The importance and effects of this fact cannot be overstated. Humans, plants, animals, the weather and earth’s internals and atmosphere, are all significantly impacted by our rapidly weakening electromagnetic shield. 

You see it's not such a secret as to where humanity is heading, what this great choice points window is leading to. Many, many ancient texts and civilizations have clearly documented, in stone and story, that a new age, a new consciousness will dawn on humanity, The Turning of the Great Ages, The Dawn of Aquarius, the Hopi’s 5th Perfected and Final Age, the Mayan’s New Age of spiritual enlightenment, the bibles Golden Age, Novus Tempus, the list continues.

This new age upgrades the human being’s DNA to a new awareness, an enlightened conciseness, transcending duality, our destination is a beautiful new humanity, Homo spiritus – Human who is aware they are ONE. From caterpillar to butterfly. To all the inhabitants of planet earth we say the choice points window is here and you are in it right now!  

The choice points window is the run up, the period of time before the turning of ages event crescendo. Let's break down the choice at hand. The reason choice points is plural is because there are many, many of them every day over a period of years. Unlike a choice of say where to buy a house and live the rest of your life, some large decision you make one time and are done, no the choice points window is not that simple, this is a conscious choosing you'll need to make continuously, literally in every waking moment, in every thought, every word, every deed and every action. It's a decision you'll need to make repeatedly, to choose the love vibration over the fear vibration, to ask an important question before you act, which “you” wants that? 

And during this window of time your choices matter more and more with each passing day. Fortunately, this window of time does allow us to make the wrong choice, possibly many times, before recognizing these choices are not serving us, as the wrong choices are opening the door to make the right choices. Think in terms of those jumbo Tron, larger than life negative repeating patterns you are experiencing and the uncanny instant karmas.

Even when you can clearly spot a bad wolf thought or desire and shut it down in the moment, those same thoughts or desires will come up time and time again. This is the way the bad wolf works, when you find the strength to deny the bad wolf, it sits back and says “I'll check in again in a little bit” and then it's desire rolls through you again to see if you're strong enough to remember “who wants that”,

Think of the bad wolf as an algorithm, it's patient, its insidious and always running, waiting for you to be weak enough to “forget” that it's not you that wants it. This is the way the bad wolf works and that can be confirmed by asking anyone who has ever struggled with any form of addictive behavior.

The solution of course is an entirely new way of being, of living in the light and in the truth, it's the awaking of the aways present “absolute you” as the gatekeeper, the one that watches every thought and analyzes it with your heart and before acting on that thought or owning that emotion, the question needs to be answered, is this in my highest interest? Is this a fear based worry or concern about the past or the future? is this in service of love or fear?

This is an important time in our spiritual evolution and just like in the old Cherokee legend, that we've discussed here on the channel before, there is a battle inside of you between the good wolf and the bad wolf and you must choose which one to feed. The one you feed will increase, in your body, in your emotions and in your mind.

Will you feed the energy of the bad wolf; fear, lust, desire, greed, violence, control or will you feed the energy of the good wolf; love, joy, gratitude, prosperity, cooperation, compassion, wisdom, empathy…choose we must.   

We call the choice points window the great untethering. Our grand clock cycle, bringing our weaken planetary shield and the increasing energy from space are the fuel for this untethering. In our current 3D reality, we are experiencing duality, the knowing of both good and evil, the combination of the good wolf and bad wolf simultaneously built into the human mind and body.

As things untether, which is obviously accelerating, duality moves into singularity. Meaning what was once two, tethered together, the dark and the light, is becoming one. That's what the choice points window is all about. Using your free will to choose which direction is yours, which wolf to feed. 

As one new entity is created from the two, the one new entity is either all the love vibration, the light or all the fear vibration, the darkness. The choices you make during this choice points window, in every word, every action, every deed, every moment, of every day are the choices that determine your vibrational frequency and its your vibrational frequency that is the measuring stick, the gauge by which it is determined which one of these new entities you choose to become. 

There will be a closing of the choice points window, a rapid conclusion, which will close with a bang, a massive swing and light dance, ushering in the turning of the age. Upon this event crescendo, we reach the conclusion of the 12,000 year game, your vibrational frequency judgment day, the harvest.  In a flash of light, we are push through the eye of the needle into bright love or dark fear. It’s one or the other. So where do you choose to be. 

As our process continues and the love vibration floods the planet earth, the fear density is being effervesced out of our cells and through our minds and bodies. This process is now clear for anybody with eyes to see and ears to hear. It is no longer hidden, no longer subtle, it can no longer be denied or ignored. 

The time is now, the choice is ongoing, immediately replace negative thoughts with loving ones, choose to be calm in the struggle, choose gratitude, choose compassion, choose self-love, choose service to others, choose to be present, choose to welcome home the absolute you.