The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 8 - The Process Series

April 01, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 8
The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 8 - The Process Series
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Tuning into the Heart Channel and Understanding the Hive Mind

The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 8



Tuning into the Heart Channel and Understanding the Hive Mind


We, the humans on planet earth, are all simultaneously broadcasting and receiving energy through our chakra systems, every minute of every day and just as the divine dichotomy would dictate, there are two separate channels for broadcasting and receiving energy that are built into each of us, the heart channel and the mind channel, heart-based consciousness and mind-based consciousness, the good wolf and the bad wolf.

In this episode we're going to discuss how a large part of the process we are all in at this moment, whether you're consciously aware of it or not, is the process of choosing from which broadcast and receive channel we want to send and receive our signal, our energy. 

For those that have engaged the process, most have been experiencing what we call the “extreme struggle zone” and yet many feel a higher calling to continue on, digging down deep to “do the work”, choosing to be aware of the process, choosing to increase their vibrational frequency, upgrading their broadcast and receive systems, consciously and willingly evolving to a higher, more pure vibration, moving steadily toward our permanent new channel, the love channel.

Let's breakdown these two channels, the mind channel and the heart channel. First, as a foundational understanding, it's important to realize you are both simultaneously.  As both channels are just different levels of the same thing, consciousness. Think of it as hot and cold water, they are both water, just vibrating at a different frequency, at the opposite ends of the spectrum of water. 

Knowing that both channels are available to each human in every moment of every day is important because that gives us the power, the knowing that we get to choose which channel we broadcast and receive our frequency on. The stars don't have to line up, a special portal doesn’t need to open, the love channel, it’s always on, always there and always welcoming you. It’s simply your choice to engage it. It's a free will planet and your choice is powerful, and it truly matters.

When you're broadcasting and receiving on the mind channel, it’s a lower vibrational frequency and therefore it doesn't reach beyond its limited frequency range, meaning you are broadcasting and receiving strictly through the mind channel but when you're broadcasting on the heart channel its signal flows through both the mind channel and the heart channel, as a higher vibrating frequency it affects and permeates everything below it on the spectrum. 

Whereas the lower vibrating frequencies vibrate too low to affect the channels above it. So, choosing to broadcast and receive from the love channel, to be in the love vibration, is the definition of increasing your vibrational frequency, as the love frequency by nature, by its very design, paints all things in this realm on planet earth. This is why just one single conscious and aware human being has a tremendously positive impact on literally all earthly things.  

Yet, like the regular radio, you can't switch a channel unless you decide to do so, and then move that decision into action, in the case of a radio, to move away from one channel toward your desired new channel. But, if you are lost in form, stuck on the bad wolf’s fear and regret channel, not present, living in a mental construct of being only your body and your mind, stuck in your own mind, in an endless negative loop of the past and the future, unaware of the process, it will be impossible for you to switch channels. 

Therefore, you must consciously choose which channel to broadcast from and receive on. The love channel is the good wolf, that direct connection and integration with the absolute you. Once you are aware and awake to your internal divine dichotomy, that the good wolf and the bad wolf exist simultaneously inside of you, then you’re able to make the conscious choice to begin broadcasting and receiving from this higher-level station. It’s this awareness, that there are two of you, that delivers the knowing that there is another channel available to you, a much better channel. 

With this awareness, this knowing we now have an important choice to make and the “process” of switching channels is no joke. As we have mentioned, some people have simply woken up one day to an instant realization that they are now broadcasting and receiving on the heart station, the heart channel, but for the rest of us, whose process is not instantaneous, we're on the long and winding road of the process, we are “in process”, as the saying goes. It is a very challenging time, as we find ourselves experiencing the highs and lows of bouncing back and forth between channels.

We experience a whipsaw effect moving in and out of the heart channel and the mind channel, between the good wolf and the bad wolf. With, what is for most, only shorter glimpses of the heart channel to begin with, yet as we build that heart center muscle, we get more and more heart channel experiences, and as the love vibration increase on the planet, this arrival of the higher frequencies serves as fuel for our ongoing rapid evolution.

We experience this increase in the love frequency as more static on the mind channel, anxiety, and stress, as these lower vibrational frequencies, the fear density, are effervescing out of our bodies and our minds. The only real escape is the clarity, calm and quiet of the heart channel. This is the only place we can experience the calm in the struggle, as we are jarringly and seemingly uncontrollably whipsawed between the two channels. 

So step one, let's get present, let's get out of the minds’ constant flow of the past and the future of fear and regret. let's get off the bad wolf’s fear generation train. In our instant gratification world, we have been set up to believe things need to happen immediately, perhaps by design, but the process is not like that, it takes time and concerted and ongoing effort. 

So let's talk about how in one’s day-to-day practice we can work on changing the channel. Let's say you are on a walk in nature, there is tremendous beauty here all around you, regardless of the weather and yet too often instead of enjoying the moment and simply being present with your surroundings, soaking up the trees, the earth, the sky, the birds, the living things, you're thinking about something that happened it the past. 

Thinking about what a person said or did, something that the egoic mind has convinced you, has the potential to make your life more challenging, so rather than being present, the bad wolf has once again hijacked your consciousness and is projecting negativity, you are on the mind channel. In a continuous loop of processing a past event and projecting it into the future. You’re not present.

These are often not real problems but potential problems. The egoic mind will tell you that you must think about these “problems” in order to solve them, but that too is a lie, for all true solutions come in the present moment, that's when the higher vibrating energy can flow through you, delivering the highest and best resolution to any problematic situation. It's not about doing it's about being, it’s about allowing, about surrendering, about nongrasping, about giving gratitude to what is. It's about switching from the frantic mind channel to the calm heart channel. 

This is where we can use the mantra “thank you God or spririt or goddess, (insert your favorite higher power here) “thank you god for reminding me all these things are worked out perfectly” this mantra takes the mind out of needing to solve the problem and allows all the unknowingness of the future to be consciously handed off to your higher power. The absolute you is way better at solving problems than your egoic mind, it just takes trust.

Breathing is a powerful exercise of helping you change the channel. It is a well-known spiritual practice to consciously watch your breath, that is, focus your awareness on your breathing, on the air flowing in and out of your body.  This is important because it gives your mind a single focused point by which to become present, taking you out of the egoic mind and bringing you into your body, the present moment, the now. 

There are many methods of breathing techniques one can use to facilitate this focus on the present through breathing. An Internet search might help you find the ones that work best for you. It's more about the practicing of aware breathing, as a calming and meditation tool to bring you present, than it is about any one technique or practice.   

One we will suggest here is a technique where you start your initial breath through the nostrils completing half of the in breath and then the second half of the inhale is taken deeply through the mouth, followed by a long slow exhale through the mouth twice as long as the combined inhales. 

As you consciously watch, being with your breathing in and out, focus your attention by projecting your awareness into your heart center as its now doing the breathing, feel yourself breathe with the heart, be with the heart, think with the heart, hear with the heart.  Feel your entire breathing apparatus literally on a different channel, the heart channel.

We must continuously remind ourselves we are becoming the butterfly, even if it feels like we are still having to eat caterpillar food. Sometimes, it feels as if we're living the experience of being “the goo” inside the caterpillars’ chrysalis, our cocoon, deeply feeling the “in between” state, from caterpillar and butterfly, the process is messy. This is why it's necessary to continually keep choosing the heart channel, it is like building a muscle, you need to keep exercising it so it gets stronger and stronger and easier and easier to sustain your broadcasting and receiving on the love channel.  

Ultimately the process we are all in is not about eliminating one channel in favor of the other but about bringing these two channels together, in a union. Through the law of resonance and a process called sympathetic vibration, where the vibration of the stronger system, the good wolf, will adjust the energy of the weaker system, the bad wolf, simply by being in close proximity to the higher vibrating frequency. The love vibration paints all.  

This union between the heart consciousness and the mind consciousness, is not a separation, as we have mentioned, you cannot kill the bad wolf, it’s a divine union, which has the heart consciousness taking dominion, with its higher vibrational frequency, over the mind channel. This union of mind-based consciousness and heart-based consciousness is the process we are experiencing right now.  

A rapid evolutionary process, the effervescing off the fear density of the bad wolf, clearing space in each and every cell for the incoming flow of the good wolf, the absolute you.  

This merger, this union all starts with your simple awareness and your free will choice to choose to broadcast and receive love as opposed to broadcasting and receiving fear. It's not easy, there's a lot of static as we switch channels and are called to embrace the intensity of the fear density effervescing off our bodies and our minds. Try repeating the mantra “all thought is dedicated to union”.

Your understanding of the “Hive Mind” will help you navigate the process. The Hive Mind is the many directed by a single intelligence. There are so many examples in nature of the hive mind at work. 

If you've ever seen how a very large flock of starling birds fly fully synchronized, clearly controlled by a higher force, a higher intelligence, where thousands of birds move in complete synchronization or how a hive of honeybees works as they connect to a single mind. 

We humans share this hive mind trait. However, just like our bodies and minds are made up of both the good wolf and bad wolf, the hive mind is also made up of the good wolf and the bad wolf, as above, so below.

This is how the higher powers interface directly with human consciousness both in the light and dark settings. This is how the bad wolf works inside of you and everybody else. The bad wolf’s mission, its sole purpose, as we know, as it operates stealthily within you, is to generate fear from you and the entire collective. This, in large part, is done through the universal connection to the hive mind.

The bad wolf uses the hivemind most potently within your immediate soul family however, all souls are inter-connected through the collective consciousness.  This connection to the hive mind is represented by the “all seeing eye” symbolism. This symbolism is a statement of the “4th dimension negative” saying we see inside of all of you as you're connected to us through the hive mind. This is how negative circumstances and events are created within your life.  

The bad wolf uses the hive mind to communicate with other souls, thus we experience a not so random, not so coincidental, set of experiences.  This is most often the genesis of your core wounds, as the bad wolf calls in other souls to facilitate the creation of deep seated and long-standing fear generation programs within you, your core wounds.    

For us humans it's very difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that there's something inside of us, something that wants us to experience pain and suffering before we die. Many have seen the very ancient symbol called the Ouroboros, a circular symbol of a serpent eating its own tail, this is representative of the cannibalistic psychic parasite, the malware, the bad wolf inside of all of us. 

It's counter intuitive and a bitter pill to swallow, to think that the psychic parasite within the host body would actually be OK consuming the entire host body. Yet the bad wolf’s dual purpose is to continually use the host body to generate fear and simultaneously, at any cost, block the recognition, sprouting and blooming of your divine seed, the waking up and coming home of the absolute you.   

But just like in every classic fairy tale, the good always wins and it wins because it cannot lose, because the vibrational frequency increases to a level where the bad wolf can no longer participate in this realm. It vibrates too low. It's your awareness of this reality that is your protection, your bullet proof vehicle, your strength, your rock. 

It's this awareness that allows you to choose which channel you want to be on, which collective consciousness, which hive mind you want to be connected to and which signal you choose to broadcast and receive. So, the only real choice you have right now, isn't which side you should be on, of the divide and conquer paradigms being thrust upon humanity right now. No, it’s to simply choose love or fear. 

Choose love and keep choosing love, in every minute, in every word, every thought, every emotion, every deed, every action. Your divine process is unstoppable, you are coming home, in the flesh, to the absolute you.