The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 6 - The Process Series

February 14, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 6
Episode 6 - The Process Series
The Abundance Spectrum
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The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 6 - The Process Series
Feb 14, 2022 Season 2 Episode 6
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Embracing Your Core Wounds - Fear Becomes the Fuel 

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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Embracing Your Core Wounds - Fear Becomes the Fuel 

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 6




Embracing Your Core Wounds - Fear Becomes the Fuel  

Core wounds, everybody has them, these are our own personalized deep seated dark fears. They stem from trauma and negative experiences in our lives or past lives, abuse, abandonment, neglect, not feeling safe, fear of opening and sharing the heart, fear of feeling pain, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of success, the list goes on. 

Whether we realize it or not, these core wounds dance most of us, shaping and influencing our behaviors, interactions and experiences while we are here on planet earth. They literally are the root cause as to why many of us continually experience repeating negative patterns in our lives.  

Our core wounds are deep seated, buried within us, hence the term core wounds, as they lay at the core of our existence. They're not easy to uncover as these deep-seated wounds are generally covered by protective layers, of other smaller core wounds.  

Core wounds are deeply charged with negative energy, the fear density, they provide a great deal of fear energy that is, often unconsciously, but continuously resonating out through your broadcast and receive systems. 

For this reason, the malware, the bad wolf aggressively protects them from the light of your consciousness, your awareness and surrounds them with intense dark fear and  with layers of smaller, sometimes related, core wounds, this is the bad wolfs desperate attempt to block you from accessing, processing, embracing and releasing each core wound.  

We humans experience this blocking as an intense feeling of “it's just too scary and painful to go there”. Because the bad wolf knows that as we embrace and release our core wounds, allowing that built-up fear density to effervesce out of our bodies, out of our minds, the core wounds cease to be an “always on” fear generation source of negative energy. 

It ceases to be sent through our powerful broadcast and receive systems and it ceases to resonate through and be felt by the entire collective. Therefore, the bad wolf surrounds your core wounds with intense false mental dark fear. A lie.

You'll know when you're “doing the work” on uncovering, embracing and releasing your core wounds, as your fear and anxiety level around these things will increase, sometimes tremendously. 

In military terms, this dark fear that surround your core wounds, attempting to block you from healing them, is like a fortified enemy war bunker.  When the airplanes are over the target, that is when they take the most flak from the ground, that which is aggressively protecting the target. This is why when you're getting closer to your core wounds, your target, for the purpose of embracing them for healing and release, the bad wolf will intensify the blocking and this is experienced inside of you as intense mental fear.

Yet, that's when you know you're on target.  That's when you know your spiritual growth is happening, that's when it’s time to call in your inner brave warrior, cause that's when you know you're in a spiritual battle.

This is happening now, as the process unfolds here on earth, the love vibration is increasing tremendously, which again causing the fear density to effervesce out of your body and your mind. Our core wounds are being brought to the surface, it's no coincidence that people, places, events and things are being brought into our lives that are allowing us to see and feel our core wounds, experiencing them in a more intense light.

We've covered escapism previously and how we see many good people avoiding doing the necessary work with their core wounds. Escapism is the outer manifestation of a deeper problem, your fear or unwillingness to address and embrace your core wounds, and what we resist persists.

Your core wounds aren't going away by themselves and we often experience them as the encountering of repeating negative cycles. The same problem, with a different face, we relocate to a new area and end up with similar people in our lives, creating similar if not identical problems. 

Core wounds are tricky like that, but these groundhogs day type of experiences are actually being brought about by your higher self, by the absolute you, in an attempt to continually bring about the circumstances that will allow you to finally become consciously aware of your need embrace and release these festering core wounds, this trauma stored in your body.

But as we have mentioned often there's something built inside of you that doesn't want you to release this fear, especially those deep fears, your supercharged core wounds.  Something that doesn't want you to “do the work” to uncover what it is at a deep level that you're here on the planet to work on. 

This work is difficult, and escape is easy, but as the process continues on here on planet earth, our core wounds are emerging and sometimes in larger than life fashion, our repeating patterns are now on blast, on high as they crash into your 3D world and can no longer be ignored.

Core wounds in each of us are unique to our own past experiences. Yet all of them, without exception, have one thing in common, they are caused to linger and fester within you by a lack of self-love, and they are embraced and dissolved by your conscious awareness of them while increasing your self-love.  Self-love is the oxygen mask in the airplane, you have to put it on yourself first before you can take care of anything else.

Let’s switch gears to discuss an extremely important Abundance Spectrum principle called the divine dichotomy. Dichotomy is defined as a division into two contrasting things or parts simultaneously. Interestingly, it's also defined as the phase of the moon, when half of the disk is dark, and half illuminated. half-light / half dark, the good wolf and bad wolf.

Many with children will recognize dichotomy in a quick example of how kids will do things that make you proud and angry at the same moment, wow I'm impressed, that was really cleaver… now go to your room!   

Divine dichotomy is the simultaneous experience of both light and dark. This is quite literally built into your existence here on planet earth. “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. These two seemingly polar opposite things or experiences are happening to you or “for you” at the same moment. 

Divine dichotomy is deeply entrenched in the Process that we were all in right now. It manifests as life’s highs and the lows, the peace that passes all understanding during great struggle, embracing and surrendering to suffering, willingly feeling intense fear to get to the love, and your body and mind being is made up of both the good wolf and the bad wolf, dark and light, love and fear simultaneously, to name a few important ones.   

Recognizing the divine dichotomy is a deeply spiritual practice, because as we have mentioned,  this divine dichotomy is hardwired into who you are in this realm.  Your recognition, your awareness of this truth, that these seeming opposite things are experienced, expressed and housed inside of you simultaneously. This knowing is very important as it is required spiritually for the spouting, growing and blooming of your sacred seed.

To help us through the process we must knowingly and willingly bring the divine dichotomy together, for example. In life we humans experience the perpetual unknowingness, we simply do not know what's going to happen next.  Many are simultaneously waking up to the fact that control is an illusion, we are in fact not in control of anything.

So how can divine dichotomy bring a knowingness to the unknowing?  This is done through surrender, the absolute knowing that you're divinely cared for, that the good wolf, the absolute you has your back always. This allows us, and in fact is required, for the unknowingness and the absolute knowing, this divine dichotomy, to willingly take place simultaneously within you.  

The processing and releasing of your core wounds is divine dichotomy in action, where the love frequency and the fear frequency are happening simultaneously within you. The love frequency, the love vibration is increasing everywhere, it is filling your cells and causing the feared density to effervesce out of your body. These things are happening simultaneously inside of you and the entire collective for our benefit, for our growth.

Fear becomes the fuel

As you begin to work on and release your core wounds, they are brought up for this release in layers, it’s a process, it is certainly not overnight, yet with diligent work we continually move forward to embrace and heal one layer at a time. We reiterate, and continually remind all …it is a process!

By willingly choosing to experience and embrace these intense and deeply personal fears, you’ll be breaking through the surrounding layers of smaller, yet often related, fears and get your first glimpses of the source of your repeating negative patterns. The mental fear you'll experience can be intense as the bad wolf screams “it's too scary for you to go here turn around, go the other direction, ESCAPE!”. 

Yet it's this fear that is your signpost, the mental fear itself is your navigational beacon that you are going in the right direction, you're on the right path. The fear must be embraced to be released and always know this mental fear cannot kill, so put on your brave warrior, hold on to your hat, stay calm in the struggle and go there!

Most have experienced the feeling that once we actually embrace and face the fear of something that we have long been putting off or avoiding, that the act of embracing it alone tames this larger-than-life fear and almost always turns it into a nothingburger. Why was I so afraid of that?

So how can we successfully physically, mentally and emotionally process all this mental fear? You have a secret weapon for this process. It's your heart center, that is your negative to positive, fear to love energy converter. This is your inner portal to sanctuary, to the absolute you. 

The heart center is located in and around your body, centering at the location of your physical heart. This heart center resides in both this dimension and the higher dimensions above. Its purpose is to ground you to our 3D world here on earth, and simultaneously connect you directly to the higher spiritual realms, the absolute you.  

The heart center is just like a muscle, one that unfortunately many of us haven’t been using much. But just like a muscle in the body, we need to use it often to build the heart center strength to fully support us. Through our awareness and in time, what starts as a trickle of your ability to process the fear density, that is fear from both within yourself and felt from the entire collective, this heart muscle will increase in its processing ability, it transmutation power and strength. 

Processing fear is intense so by calling in our inner brave warrior and staying calm in the struggle, we can greatly lessen our negative reaction or desire for flight, to enter escapism. 

The actual feeling of this fear is how we process it, this is how our heart muscle strengthens. On its way to becoming your inner burning blowtorch, one that takes fear density from you and the collective and burns it up, transmuting it, efficiently and brightly into the love vibration.

As your heart muscle gets stronger, you’re able to process more and more fear and feeling its intensity less and less, this is accomplished first by the absolute you being the watcher of the egoic mind generated fear and disassociating from that fear as being “yours” or who you are, knowing it is simply being delivered to you for purposes of letting it go, of releasing it, of clearing it from your body and mind and making room in every cell for the love vibration.

This knowing allows you to avoid having this fear density stay attach to you, to own you, to be you, this knowing allows you to see clearly the folly of getting aboard the bad wolfs fear train. Instead allowing the fear density, this mental fear, to simply pass through you, as you consciously choose to not attach to it and remain centered in the present moment and calm in the struggle. It’s like walking in the rain, you don’t become the rain, it’s just something you experience, embrace it.

Once you switch on your heart center, by consciously choosing to start the process, there is no stopping it, the heart center begins to build strength as your entire body is filling with love and light. As the divine dichotomy would suggest, there is also a simultaneous increase in the fear density being released by yourself and the entire collective, which is felt by all inhabitants of planet earth. 

Send love, compassion and gratitude to the fear, allow that fear into the softened and opened heart center, then visualize it vaporizing into bright love, you are a negative to positive energy converter and the portal to sanctuary.  

This is how the fear becomes the fuel, the fuel for your spiritual journey, your spiritual growth, for your awakening, for your divine mission, the blooming of your sacred seed. 

Only you can do this work, call in your inner brave warrior, dig down deep, face and embrace your core wounds, all of them, take the flak, move the mental fear into your heart center, consciously transmutation it, one ugly at a time, from fear to love, make it your fuel, your strength, your fortress. Welcome to becoming the absolute you.