The Abundance Spectrum

Episode 5 - The Process Series

February 05, 2022 CD Mondo Season 2 Episode 5
The Abundance Spectrum
Episode 5 - The Process Series
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Escapism and Addiction, Borrowing Happiness From The Future

In The Process series, we expand on the concepts in the book, going deeper in our attempt to assist those willing to do the work and embrace the absolutely you. We will be sharing relevant and insightful interviews, real life process stories, and occasionally sharing random deep realizations and best practices/exercises.   

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The Abundance Spectrum: The Process

Episode 5



Escapism and Addiction, Borrowing Happiness From The Future 


Escapism is a diversion from life’s unpleasantries, the cares of the world. It is very often the go to for us humans as a method of avoiding persistent painful or negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions, often stemming from trauma and negative experiences from our past, in this lifetime and often combining with things carried over into this lifetime from past lives. 

Escapism is exactly what it sounds like, it's a method of avoiding, of hiding, of not facing your fear, but ultimately there is truly no hiding or escaping from the process, that’s simply an illusion. 

Let's review the process first, as the process unfolds in front of us, the love vibration is increasing intensely, penetrating, and filling our cells, one would think that would feel wonderful and likely it would if our cells were not already housing a great deal of fear density. So this increase in the love vibration, is the process, it is what causes the effervescing off of the fear density, and as we know, there's only one way this fear density leaves us and that's through our psyche, through our minds, through our bodies, through our thoughts and emotions. 

As this fear density moves through us, many remain unaware of the process, of why they're experiencing such an increase in the fear frequency within and around their vibrational fields, showing up in “jumbo tron” size in our life and our experiences. It’s this unawareness that is the root cause of our inability to appropriately embrace and transmute the fear density.  

This unawareness is causing millions of good people to choose escapism as their way to deal with what can only be described as a maddening intensity of the uneasiness, fear and suffering within each of us and the collective. 

Yet, if we can gain the vantage of a higher perspective we’d see this increase in fear density is part of a beautiful spiritual evolution, one that is moving us forward, rapidly evolving us from our current mind-based consciousness to an evolved heart-based consciousness, from caterpillar to the butterfly. 

Even though this transition, the space and time between the caterpillar and the butterfly is painful, confusing and downright messy, from this aware vantage we can see that higher spiritual forces are driving this process, a process that's happening for us, for our benefit, for our collective positive evolution.  

As above, so below, below in this realm we have duality the combination of light and dark, the good wolf and the bad wolf and as above the higher realms closest to our dimension also have the light and dark, the good wolf and the bad wolf.

And in our realm, here on earth, we are danced by one or the other from the higher realms. So, which higher spiritual force would choose to dance you away from the present moment, to escape and not embrace your process? Away from transmuting the fear into love, away from the good wolf to stay with the bad wolf? 

Remember, the bad wolf’s goal is to keep us out of the present moment, the now and it is very often successful, because so many good people have mistakenly given the bad wolf access to and influence over important aspects of our psyche. Primarily by our rigid identification with the egoic mind and our physical body.

Think of the bad wolf as an entity in your body that has ahold of the internal levers that control you, it has access to your eyes, it has access to your mind and it has mastered the art of pretending to be you, with of course it's laser focused goal of making you its host body, a broadcast and receiving station for the fear vibration. 

When you're fully identified with your mind and your body as “who you are”, you simply believe that the thoughts and related emotions stemming from the egoic mind are yours, are who you are. The bad wolf counts on that, and that’s it's mission, to have you believe that lie and in doing so you remain asleep, unaware of the fact that the bad wolf is dancing you.

One of the bad wolf’s stealthy tricks, as it works undercover in the darkness, is to convince good humans that escapism is our solution, thereby not embracing, feeling and releasing the fear density. Escapism is simply your unwillingness to be in the present moment. The unwillingness to feel and embrace the needed and necessary uneasiness, pain and fear, which is required to cleanly effervesce off the fear density, transmitting it to the love frequency, the love vibration. 

We make the distinction here between good people and evil people as the good people are using escapism to not engage the process, to not do the work but there are obviously evil people on this planet, negative vibrating sociopaths and psychopaths, unfortunately often in high places, who are willingly and, often, knowingly being danced by the bad wolf. They are literally fueled by, and gain power from the fear vibration. 

Our work here is focused on the good people, thankfully the system, the process itself has a not so special place for the evil people, so we simply hand that off to the spiritual forces of the heavenly realms. Our mission is to wake up the good people thereby increasing the love vibration for the benefit of all.  

When we have the insight and courage the be actively in the present moment, in the stillness of now, and willingly experience each moment, even and especially if the present has uneasiness, fear, pain and suffering. This is what it means to be a brave warrior because through that bravery we literally become a negative to positive energy converter, a portal for good. A very important and positive player in the story and process of the evolution of humanity.  

By consciously embracing the process, being in your awareness that you are the absolute you, the watcher and disbeliever of the egoic mind, you are now burning off, with extreme efficiency, the fear density not only in your own vibrational field but simultaneously for the entire collective, as all things are interconnected. You are that important! 

It is for this reason that we must face and embracing the uneasiness, the fear, the pain and the suffering. The work is no joke, the bravery comes by knowing this mental fear will not kill us and what does not kill us makes us stronger. 

Only by actively embracing and experiencing our core wounds and our dark fears, at a deep level, can we begin the process of transmuting the energetic nature of it from fear to love, from weakness to strength, from poison to medicine. This is “doing the work” and it is what you're here to do, in this time on this planet. We just need to remember our mission.

The fear density is leaving our bodies for good, as our entire planet and all of its inhabitants are, as we speak, rushing head-long directly into a new age, a new dimension, rapidly evolving and changing our broadcast channel, switching the frequency, from mind based consciousness to heart based consciousness. 

This turning of the ages ushers in the long awaited new heart based consciousness, a frequency and experience that vibrates completely without the fear density. A new heaven and a new earth!

But for millions of good humans, escapism is standing in the way. One way to visualize escapism and the related addiction, is to see escapism as “stealing of happiness from the future”. So, by partaking in the escape, and related addictive behaviors and actions, we move out of the present moment, grasping for a “happiness paycheck advance”, stealing it from the future. 

This often-desperate attempt to alter your current present reality with a borrowed reality is the act of grasping. This grasping by default is the act of not allowing, or better said, not waiting for the flowing Prescence to take place in your life. 

This grasping is a statement to the universe that you are not at peace with the present moment. Not willing to fully trust and allow the flowing presence to fill your life naturally and beautifully. Not doing the work to deeply feel whatever the present moment is delivering you without resistance, this grasping is a form of resisting what is.  

Unfortunately, there are significant consequences for the grasping for and pull in this “borrowed happiness”, artificially moving it into your present moment experience.   As most everyone has experienced, at one point or another, this “borrowed happiness” ultimately expires and as we move back into our unaltered present experience, now void of the stolen happiness, we experience what is in effect, an energetic hangover. 

Think of this process as a pendulum swinging inside of you, as you grasp for the borrowed happiness and pull that artificial high into your present moment experience, the pendulum swings to one side, as the pendulum swings back from the borrowed, but fleeting experience of the artificial high, it swings back straight through the center, the present, wildly on its way to the opposite side, the artificial low. Many know that feeling and from that bit of hell, it then swings back to the live present moment. The only thing in this that is real and true.

This hangover is often a nasty combination of guilt and shame in the mental sense and a need for recovery in the physical sense. A toxic combination created by this energetic swing from the artificial high, past equilibrium to artificial low then back to equilibrium. 

We know, the present is the only thing that's real, it is live, and always exists within you as your natural state, void of artificial highs and lows. So the goal here is to have these pendulum swings be very mild, staying as close to center, the present moment as possible. 

So why do us humans feel the need for grasping this borrowed happiness? You guessed it, it's once again the bad wolf, the malware doing its fear generation thing! The bad wolf gives you the desire, often a burning desire, to make choices to leave the present moment and grasp for this happiness or perceived comfort from the future.  

The bad wolf wants you to enter and stay within the toxic escapism, out of the present moment and within the addiction as it continuously attempts to convince you to: Watch it, drink it, smoke it, shop it, pop it, shoot it, fuck it, game it, light it, eat it, risk it, and we all know these calls to escape are enticing because “doing the work” is really hard and actually represents the opposite of these addicting escape behaviors. 

The bad wolf cunningly whispers in your ear, of course pretending to be you, and explains how you deserve this escape, you need it, how wonderful of a treat it would be for you to have it. After we succumb to this lie and partake, it is the bad wolf that then delivers the intense guilt and shame for having done so, noting here that guilt and shame are of course top level fear vibrations. 

Once again your consciousness, your awareness has been hijacked, your powerful broadcast and receive systems are in the service of the bad wolf, broadcasting and receiving the fear vibration.

And in true bad wolf fashion this cunning malware operating under cover inside of you, will attempt to convince you that it's the good wolf that is punishing you for your “weakness”. Don't be fooled, the good wolf is love and only love. It doesn't deal in mental guilt trips, that is a fear vibration. It's simply not possible for the high vibrational frequency of love to traffic with any low fear based vibrational frequencies. 

So, when you're feeling guilt and shame realize that's the bad wolf. How insidious, how dark, that the bad wolf would give you the burning desire to partake in something that is not in your best interest and then powerfully deliver you a punishing guilt trip for acting on a negatively charged desire. This is the darkness we warriors are dealing with, not nice! 

When you wake up to the fact that the bad wolf wants you to borrow happiness from the future for the sole purpose of generating fear, we can begin to see these unhealthy desires are a purposeful distraction down a never-ending dark alley. An intentional roadblock from your spiritual growth, your true mission of the blooming of your scared seed and becoming the absolute you.  

Doing the work means waking up and seeing the double you, knowing that there are two of you inside of you. it means being the watcher of the egoic mind, It means being present, feeling the pain, feeling your emotions and embracing your darkest fears, your core wounds, 'cause that's what's required to permanently eliminate the fear density from your body and your mind.   

Being and living in the flowing presence, is the only place where we can see the healing of escapism, trauma and addiction begin to take place. It is here in the present where we find the strength and courage to move beyond our addictive behaviors. 

Just as no one can breathe for you, no one can do this process for you, but you have help always! The absolute you, your higher power is always there for you, your greatest fan, singing your praise, patiently waiting and quietly shining in the stillness of now for you. 

To all the good people of planet earth we say, the time is now to find and stay in the present moment, to become that brave warrior, to find the courage to face and embrace our inner uglies, our core wounds, our deepest fears. To become that human portal, that blow torch, that transmutes the fear density to the love vibration for the benefit of yourself and all of humanity, releasing the fear density from our bodies and minds for good.